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The future is inherently a Commons in that no one party can absolutely control it - it is the cumulative result of all relevant actors. A DevelopmentalCommons acknowledges this fact and builds a CollaborationPlatform among the key stakeholders for bringing something new into the world - i.e. entrepreneurs, funders, service providers, and consumers or the public interest.


Challenge (or Problem)

How can we bring together all the pieces needed for innovation and change in such as way as to:
  • Maximize the unique contribution of all parties.
  • Not have any one party co-opt the benefits for their own interests. (Or, stated conversely,

Design Solution

Create a framework for realizing stakeholders' individual & shared aspirations. Create a set of agreements and services that:
  • furthers the interests of all stakeholders, collectively and individually;
  • is distributed throughout a network of inter-dependent parties;
  • does not force but maximizes opportunities for participation.

Implement the services such that they:
  • Are open to all parties, on all levels.
  • Respects and encourages self-determination by all parties.
  • Can not be owned or controlled by any one party. They be implemented by one party or subset of the whole, but always under the sanction of the whole.
  • Supports role clarification by stakeholders rather than imposing roles on any party
  • Enables emergent organization of whole by Free action of stakeholders

Resulting Context

Creates a context inwhich to identify and develop projects that express the common interests of the stakeholders. Key functions that accomplish this include ProjectTracking, FundingPool, ServiceLinkage, and KnowledgeCommons.


  • In reality, a developmental commons already exists implicitly within the relationships between all the stakeholders and is expressed through our overlapping interests, shared knowledge, and coordinated action.
  • It operates as a set of unspoken agreements which defines the “game” of development and largely defines the potential, or limitation, of our individual endeavors.
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